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Because your data should stay in your hands

Modern Android phone

Privacy focused Android system without Google.

Made in Germany

The humbleOne Phone is based upon the Gigaset GS290, which is made in Germany and fully compliant with high quality standards.

USB Type C

The humbleOne is using the latest USB type C standard for smartphones, including the On-The-Go function.


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Feel like home

/e/ OS comes with MicroG, which is a service to enable you running Google Apps, such as Google Maps, without the need of having a Google Account.


Enjoy your privacy

The system is a normal open source Android which runs any android app.

Your data stays in your hands

You decide who will have access to your data. Keep your photos, videos and other data on your phone or store it in the /e/ cloud.


Communicate privately

With the help of our phone, you have all the pre-requisites in your hand for discrete communication. You can e.g. use XMPP-based messengers for private communication, which can even be hosted on your own severs.


Review From Our Customers

Awesome phone!

I was looking for a modern and secure Android phone, which enables me to control my data and to decide on my own where my data should be stored.

Carl Miller, — Satisfied humbleOne customer

I regained control!

I do not want to be tracked by anyone. I finally found a phone, which does not sell my data to anyone and still enables me to enjoy all the comfort of a modern Android system!

Michael Müller, — Satisfied humbleOne customer

Privacy driven, but still comfortable!

I do like all the comfort of a modern phone, however, I was always skeptical that a focus on privacy means a loss of comfort. I got convinced by the humbleOne phone that privacy and comfort does not mandatorily have to be mutually exclusive.

Anonymous, — Satisfied humbleOne customer

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